Nightmare Kart Game

Nightmare Kart Game

Nightmare Kart Game is here, bringing a thrilling fusion of gothic horror and high-speed kart racing. Previously known as Bloodborne Kart, this rebranded masterpiece promises to deliver an electrifying experience that will enthrall gamers worldwide.

Attraction Points

Previously known as Bloodborne Kart, Nightmare Kart Game has had an incredible metamorphosis to win over players all over the world. Inspired by the gothic horror and heart-pounding action of Bloodborne, this legally separate kart racing provides a thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience. The following main features make Nightmare Kart Game an absolute must-play:

  1. Immersive Gothic Atmosphere: Race through blood-soaked, gothic streets that evoke a sense of eerie wonder and danger.
  2. Unique Vehicles: Choose from 12 distinctive vehicles, each with its own personality and capabilities.
  3. Powerful Weaponry: Arm your kart with a variety of powerful weapons to obliterate your opponents and monsters alike.
  4. Æther Boosts: Perform drifts and tricks to generate Æther, giving you the edge with speed boosts.
  5. Challenging Boss Encounters: Face off against formidable bosses to unlock the secrets of this nightmarish world.
  6. Nostalgic PS1 Vibes: With a retro aesthetic and charmingly stiff controls, the game captures the essence of classic kart racers.


In Nightmare Kart Game, you are thrust into a macabre tournament where beast hunters race atop mysterious, copper and steam-powered vehicles. Here’s what you can expect from the gameplay:

  • Campaign Mode: Dive into a full-fledged campaign mode featuring 15 tracks and 21 racers. Each track is meticulously designed to challenge your racing skills and strategic thinking.
  • Monster Hazards: Navigate through tracks littered with monsters that pose a deadly threat. Use your arsenal to clear the path and gain an advantage.
  • Æther Mechanics: Master the art of drifting and performing stunts to accumulate Æther, which grants you crucial boosts in speed.
  • Boss Fights: Engage in intense boss battles that test your combat and racing prowess. Defeat these bosses to progress and uncover the mysteries of the nightmare.
  • Split-Screen Multiplayer: Enjoy the thrill of racing against friends in split-screen multiplayer mode, adding a competitive and social element to the game.


The controls in Nightmare Kart Game are designed to evoke nostalgia while ensuring a responsive and engaging experience. Here’s a breakdown of the control scheme:

  • Drifting and Stunts: Execute precise drifts and spectacular stunts to build Æther and speed.
  • Weapon Handling: Seamlessly switch between various weapons to tackle both racers and monsters on the track.
  • Responsive Navigation: Despite the intentionally stiff controls that pay homage to PS1-era games, the responsiveness ensures that your kart handles well through hairpin turns and complex maneuvers.
  • Memory Card Emulation: Save your progress with the nostalgic touch of simulated memory card checks, adding an extra layer of retro charm.

You can play Nightmare Kart Game on for free with a pay-what-you-want approach, which is a great way to help the developers while having fun with a gothic racing game. This game promises to be an engaging experience, with a terrific soundtrack that can be purchased on Bandcamp and fully voice-acted. Now fire up your engines and get ready to clean up these dirty streets in the year's most thrilling kart racer!

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